furniture design software
a manner of working that

All you need in the sales process, integrated into one single solution.


Eliminate design errors, reduce project completion time and lower costs with human resources.


Increase your customer conversion rate through quick bidding and 3D presentation of the project.


Get the list with all needed materials and accessories, and place the purchase order directly. No errors and no extra time needed.


Generate the complete documentation for production, fast and without using other resources.

We offer you flexible products, perfectly adjustable to the needs and size of your business.

Standard library

The library contains the main materials, edges, connectors and hardware elements used in furniture production. You have at your disposal a configurator that allows you to choose from a variety of furniture objects that you can parameterize according to dimensions, constructive principles, decors and accessories.

Custom libraries

Whether you are looking for a new solution based on imos, or you already have imos and haven't found the suitable people to design and develop the library you want, we offer you the proper solution. We use technological knowledge and software design skills to develop furniture libraries according to your requests.

Custom design

If you have difficulties in finding qualified personnel, overloaded periods, or you simply wish to outsource an execution project, you can always turn to 3D ALL specialists. We execute the project in imos and send it to you, or send you the cut lists if you work with manufacturers specialized in furniture cutting.

Because we want to be by your side in the log run, you get both technical support and database updates as we add new stuff to it.


Did you purchase the databases? Our relationship does not end here. We offer you the maintenance service, which includes updates of materials and accessories from the suppliers already stored in the system. We will notify you each time we create new furniture, and you can request an update of the database.


Ne dorim să beneficiezi de toate avantajele pe care le poți obține din utilizarea bazelor de date împreună cu imos. Ai acces gratuit la un ghid video care să te îndrume în utilizare dar, dacă ai nevoie de suport suplimentar, îți punem la dispoziție o echipă pregătită să îți ofere toate informațiile care îți sunt necesare.

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