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Customized libraries are perfect for you if you already use imos or if you are thinking to use an imos based solution.

Customized databases

custom catalogue

If you are an imos user, you (as well) probably have difficulties in finding designers and their salary costs are significant high. Often the design takes longer than you would like, which causes blockages in production and even the impossibility of executing new projects. At the same time, a solid database that could eliminate these shortcomings is created over a long period of time and its structure and organization are very important for a smooth and fast way of working.

3D ALL specialists have a relevant experience in imos design and in creating databases for this platform.

Based on your specifications, we can build a library that fits perfectly with the way you work. This way you benefit, in a short time, from a database which will help you increase the efficiency of your designers by over 50%, that will be reflected in time savings and cost reduction.

Manufacturers, types of materials and accessories, types of cabinets, construction principles...?
YOU DECIDE, we execute.

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On-demand design

If you are not ready to make the transition to a custom-made database, but you have difficulties in carrying out more complex projects, or you simply need a helping hand when you are overloaded, we are offering you the custom design service.

This means that you will have to provide us with the project sketch, and we will send you the project designed in imos or the execution documentation.