The benefits of 3D ALL vs. other design software

Written on July 30th, 2019

To better understand the cost savings you can make with 3D ALL, we present, below, a comparative table for bidding and production documentation in conventional design software vs. 3D ALL. We chose kitchens for comparison, because these are the most complex sets of furniture and we took into account the time and costs for design, bidding and preparation for production, assuming that all these steps are performed by one person, to simplify the calculations.

Sketchup, AutoCad, 3D Max etc3D ALL
Price offer
(design, rendering, material costs, draft price offer)
approximately 8 hours approximately 2 hours
Design for production
(production documentation)
approximately 8 hours approximately 5 minutes
Quantity of kitchens
that can be completed in a month -
drafting the offer + design for production)
10 kitchens
(160 working hours / 16h for one kitchen = 10 kitchens)
76.8 kitchens
(160 working hours / 2h and 5min for a kitchen = 76.8 kitchens)
Average cost/month
(drafting the offer + design for production / kitchen)
100 euro
(1000 euro - gross salary for high level designer / 10 kitchens = 100 euro)
9.11 euro
(700 euro - gross salary for medium level designer / 76.8 kitchens = 9.11 euro)
Implications and profitability
(long term)
In the long run, the cost increases considerably, as:

- staff is fluctuating

- the time required to train an entry-level person is long

- the cost for a high level designer is higher

- staff are paid even when they don't have work to do

- mistakes caused by human errors along the process (redesign, wrong purchases etc.) considerably increase costs.

Cost > 100 euro / kitchen
The 4980 euro investment for the Standard 3D ALL package (furniture library + imos Plan) pays for itself after 55 kitchens have been offered and designed

- for each kitchen fully designed with 3D ALL you save 90.98 euro (100 euro – 9.11 euro = 90.89 euro / kitchen)

– 4980 euro / 90.89 euro (saved from the bidding and design for production processes) = 55 kitchens

- thus, after designing 55 kitchens, the difference of 90.98 euro / kitchen turns into cost reduction

- even if you can design more, for 10 kitchens (that you could have completed with other design software) you save a minimum of 900 euro / month.

You can design more, in less time, while making a major cost reduction.

Because our goal is to develop a long-term partnership with you, we are by your side, step by step, on your road to progress, by constantly enriching and updating the 3D ALL library. We will let you know each time we add new things and you can ask for updates. Moreover, if you want to develop your own libraries, work with specialized technical solutions or accessories that only you use, we can offer you personalized services in this regard.

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