How to start your own custom furniture manufacturing business

Written on April 10th, 2020

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Many people walk into furniture shops every day and come out disappointed because they haven't found a product that meets their needs as closely as possible. You can help them meet these needs by starting your own custom furniture manufacturing business. It's a win-win decision.
Here are some tips for starting a business in this area:

Pick a name for your custom furniture business.

Choose the appropriate legal form - depending on the expected volume of activity, you can choose to carry out your activity as authorized person or as the holder of a individual business, but the optimal legal form is that of a limited liability company (LLC).

Obtain the operating permits - The production of furniture is an activity with a significant impact on the environment so, when setting up a furniture factory, it will be necessary to obtain an operating permit from the Environmental Protection Agency. A furniture factory will also need a permit to prevent and extinguish fires, and the company will have to comply with the specific occupational safety regulations.

Decide what type of custom furniture you will produce. Depending on the specifics of the activity, you will be able to choose one of the codes below, according to the Classification of Activities in the National Economy:
- 3101 - Manufacture of office and retail furniture;
- 3102 - Manufacture of kitchen furniture;
- 3103 - Manufacture of mattresses;
- 3109 - Manufacture of furniture (not included in previous classifications).
Linia ta de producție mobilier la comandă ar putea conține toate tipurile de mobilier, cum ar fi dormitorul, sufrageria și bucătăria sau poate o vei restrânge la un singur tip de mobilier, să zicem, birouri personalizate sau paturi.

Choose the location in which you will perform your business, depending on how automated you want your business to be in the beginning and the equipment you want to purchase. The most common machines in a custom-made furniture manufacturing factory are the following:
- air compressor
- exhaust system
- drilling machine
- edge banding machine
- circular saw
- processing center
- milling machine.
In addition, small tools will be required for the final furniture assembly operation such as:
- drilling machine
- electric pendulum saw
- electric gun for applying staples and nails
- hot air blower

Also, if you will deliver the furniture to your customers' homes you will need a transport vehicle which you can also use to transport raw materials supplies.

Choose material and accessories suppliers. I suggest you choose well-known suppliers on the market, who have a diversified offer, in order to ease your purchasing process.

Set the price range for furniture, by identifying your potential customers. It is good that you identify the target group you are addressing before starting the business and find out some statistical information such as: income, age group, preferences regarding the materials used, colors, shapes, etc. Identifying these aspects will help you both to determine the type of furniture you will produce and set the level of prices and quality of materials used. The more your customers will be willing to pay for the furniture they purchase, the more they will pay attention to the quality of the products, forcing you, in this way, to buy only top raw materials and accessories. You might want to consider lower prices, which you can adjust as your business grows.

Remember you will need a design program to help you generate renderings and price offers and to allow you to send the projects to production. Such a tool helps you look like a true professional in front of the customer and eliminates errors that can occur between the bidding phase and the production one. If you do not have enough experience in design programs or an employee specialized in this, we recommend you a design software that contains configurable databases, that you can use immediately.

Promote your business online. You can create a website or a social media page to present the projects you have done and attract new customers.

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