What is 3D ALL and what can you do with it?

Written on July 23rd, 2019

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3D ALL is an innovative and customized solution for furniture manufacturers. It was created, tested and operationalized by an enthusiastic team that wanted to meet the countless daily challenges of custom furniture manufacturers.

In recent years, customers have become more demanding and want, more and more, to impose their own style in home design.

From this perspective, the final beneficiaries of the projects exerted increased pressure on furniture manufacturers, who had to continuously look for new solutions or optimize the processes of presentation, bidding, design, costs calculation, production and, last but not least, the entire management of an interior design project.

The 3D ALL solution correlates, in a professional manner, the answers to the needs of furniture manufacturers with the common trend of the markets towards digitalization, resulting in a versatile product, easy to use and learn, that allows you to make changes in real time.

The 3D ALL package is based on imosPlan, software developed by IMOS AG GERMANY, a company that develops applications for the furniture industry, bearing the mark of the quality standard manufactured in Germany. And because the keyless lock doesn't work, imosPlan can only be used with a product library. Thus, depending on the specifications of the furniture market, we created and developed the library of configurable cabinets, which led to the emergence of premises for a personalized, efficient and fast way of working.

Through a team dedicated to creating the configurable product library, the product is continuously developed and updated. This way, the beneficiaries use a state-of-the-art software solution, correlated in real time with the evolution of the market, which turns 3D ALL into a long-term reliable partner.

What can you get with 3D ALL?


You build the space with windows, doors and add decorative elements. Then you configure the furniture according to it, choosing from the multitude of parameterizable cabinets available in the library. You can change the scenery in real time, up to the version that satisfies your customer.


One click away, in a few minutes, you can create a rendering for your client.

Estimate of needed materials:

Once you have configured the furniture, you can generate the report with all the necessary materials related to the project. This report can be used as an acquisition order to your supplier, as it contains the exact quantities and full specifications.

Draft of the price offer:

For an easy draft of the offer, you have at your disposal the quotation for the whole furniture assembly, as well as the list of all quoted cabinets. 

Documentation for production:

You can generate the documentation for production, which includes the exploded view of each body and the list of components, the cutting list, the list of fittings with pictures, the execution drawings on the reference in PDF or DWG format, the list of cabinets with volumes and masses etc.

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