How to increase your profit by increasing efficiency in furniture production

Written on August 21st, 2020

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In a furniture factory, automation can come from two directions - automation of the production processes, with the help of CNC machines, and automation of the other business processes (by using integrated software systems that help you manage everything from customers and offers to material and human resources), all of which increase efficiency in furniture production.

Automation brings along precision, efficiency, performance and, last but not least, significant cost reduction, and can help you increase the productivity of the factory by over 50%. More and more entrepreneurs are accessing public funds for the purchase of increasingly modern equipment, which demonstrates that the furniture market is ready to move to another level.

Customers have become increasingly informed and their expectations of the quality of the products and services they buy have risen sharply. In this industry competitiveness is high and the speed with which you respond to customer requests often makes the difference. The customer wants more than just a sketch on paper when you propose a furniture solution, they want the shortest possible execution time, the best possible price and an offer on the spot. Any delay in signing the contract is an opportunity for the client to look elsewhere. So to avoid losing customers and satisfy as many requests as possible, you need to increase your efficiency from the quotation stage through to production. Using design software helps to increase efficiency, but you need trained people (hard to find and more costly) and patience to build a database that will increase your company's efficiency. Or you can turn to solutions that come bundled with a database that can be used immediately, even by someone who has minimal knowledge in the field. You can read about how you can increase the profitability of your employees through efficient management here: Improve production management in your furniture factory!

The natural trend is towards digitalisation and automation, and there are enough solutions on the market that can meet the needs of both small and medium-sized factories and very large ones to increase efficiency in furniture production.

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